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Five Dimension Theory
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Five Dimension Theory
 Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3 Vol.4

Fractal Economic Theory
Restructuring of Foreign
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Introduction of Option  Concept to Money

Introduction of Minus Interest

The Day to Surpass Buddha

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What is Five Dimension Theory?

  What is world composed of? World is the result of our recognition. Recognizable range is called “world”.
  “Length, width, depth, time”, elements of four dimension of traditional physics, is defined to explain our recognition status. Recognition exists at the beginning. Then, dimension is defined to explain recognition status.
  But, as contradiction occurs in the way of thinking of traditional four dimension, in which world is composed of matter, new dimension needs to be defined. At that time,

  “Our recognition status is expressed correctly.”

  is requirement for the dimension definition.
  For this reason, Five Dimension is not such simple way of thinking as to add new dimension to traditional four dimension “Length, width, depth, time”. As dimension is defined on the premise of recognition processing, investigation is proceeded with in this book in disregard of traditional four dimensional idea.

  Recognition is composed of subject and object. These are something to recognize and something to be recognized. In the case of seeing something simply, action to see something doesn’t complete without man to see or matter to be seen.
  In traditional physics, four dimensional physics, theories of only something to be seen have been constructed, ignoring somebody to see. Theories should have been constructed of both subject and object of recognition, to be exact, but they have been simplified by use of only object, or something to be seen. As subject of recognition was fixed in brain at that time, contradiction occurred in that subject of recognition and object were different in size.

  It is correct for subject of recognition and object to be same in size. Suppose brain and universe are same in size, ignoring brain on the body, no contradiction occurs.
  Subject and object of recognition must always be same in size. As the result of our recognition, object of recognition, is space as large as universe, by setting the size of subject of recognition as large as universe, logical contradiction is resolved.
  We recognize space by use of recognition organ as large as universe. Naturally it is not body. It means that we recognize something by use of function other than body.

  Human beings have recognition organ means that human itself is existence as large as space. As subject of recognition is our consciousness, consciousness itself expands as large as space. Consciousness as large as universe is establishing factor of recognition.
  We live in universe. All existences that were traditionally called “matter” exist in universe. So, “matter” means results of recognition process by consciousness as large as universe.

  To explain what is discussed above in a word,
  “Existence” of matter = “Result of recognition process”

  Both are “conscious processes”.

  If everything is recognized in brain, we have not experienced other than brain since born. Because all experiences are in brain. All space,called universe, is also the result of information processing in brain.
  Therefore, if inside of brain and universe are not same in size as shown in (Fig.1), contradiction occurs. It is impossible for two brains to exist. One brain exists.
  Inside of brain and universe must be same in size like this. We must think this way on the premise that information processing is done in brain.
  Brain of matter can’t expand as large as universe. Therefore, contradiction is included in the thinking that world is composed of matter. It is impossible to recognize something in the world that is composed of matter.

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