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Five Dimension Theory
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Five Dimension Theory
 Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3 Vol.4

Fractal Economic Theory
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Introduction of Option  Concept to Money

Introduction of Minus Interest

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Impact on religious world

 Discovery of “Five Dimension” will impact on whole human beings considerably. It will have great influence. Naturally, it will impact on religious world.
 As new religion in Japan takes in scientific theory to explain religious principles easily, these religious principles need to be revised after introduction of “Five dimension”.
 For instance, a way of thinking like “All matters are composed of wave” and so on are taken in religious principle of new religion in Japan, so revision will be necessary for it.
 Wave theory might be taken in for person of religion to enforce their own position from

 “Wave-particle duality”. “Wave-particle duality” is theory that all particles have duality of particle and wave. Everything has two aspects, aspect as particle and aspect as wave. This is a theory in which on the one hand, it can be thought that everything is composed of particles or matter, but on the other hand, it can be thought that everything is composed of waves.
 In Japan that is Buddhist country, wave theory has been taken in to explain “Empty” that is central concept of Buddhism.

 “Everything is composed of waves. Matter does not exist. This is scientifically correct conclusion.”

This kind of logic was used.
 But, this way of thinking is imperfect. What is wave? No man of religion and no scientist could answer the question. Traditional materialism was only changed to a standpoint centering on waves. Therefore, it was impossible to reach religious enlightenment, state of vanity by such understanding.

 In fact, though various religion is believed in Japan, few people reached what was called enlightment at the end of 20th century.  
 The appearance of “Five Dimension Theory” means the progress of religious theory. Understanding is changed from wave to “Fast rotation of consciousness”. As everything is regarded as “the result of recognition process”, everything can be felt as the result of “consciousness process of our own”.
 In traditional wave theory, as some sort of “waves” other than ourselves were thought to be component factor of the world, we couldn’t help feeling that space around us or matter dissociate from ourselves.
 But by understanding that everything is consciousness process of our own, feeling of separation of oneself and others is lost and we can understand that everything is appearance or consciousness process of our own. Without special training, the conclusion is such an understanding theoretically.

 Thus, everyone will be able to understand state of “vanity” of Buddhism.

 In addition, traditional religion was ideological, it could not point out individual phenomena clearly like scientific theory. But as scientific theory itself will be changed to consciousness process, it will play a role of explaining various phenomena and various processes instead of abstract religious theory after introduction of Five Dimension Theory.
 At this stage, role / influence of abstract religion will be limited. As all contents regarded as religion will become common knowledge, value of religion will fade away.
 Instead of religion, research contents of various researchers, such as scientists and so on, will be highly sophisticated, compared with 20th century or before then. For example, in medicine, it was understood by many people that consciousness / mental condition and disease had a correlation, but it was not theorized. Because basic concept did not exist at all. There is the name of disease called “neurological gastritis”, but the reason why mentality influences body has not been clear.
 But, as everything is explained as consciousness process in society after introduction of “Five Dimension Theory”, correlation between disease and consciousness have to be research theme naturally.
 Unfortunately, it can be pointed out by modern religious theory that distortion of consciousness causes disease, but no one can give more detailed explanation. It does not be understood what kind of mental attitude, what kind of action pattern have what kind of influence on what part of body.
 It will be the limitation of modern religion. More detailed understanding will be the area of study of specialized researchers. Then, religious influence of these status of consciousness and disease will be weakened a little, instead, latest medicine, medicine after introduction of five dimension will play a role of it.

 But salvation of souls is another matter. It can’t be thought that fusion of consciousness and science is directly linked to salvation of souls. Everyone is consciousness, light radiated from above. Therefore, everyone always turns consciousness to heaven. Everyone longs for heaven. This feeling never disappears.
 If this feeling, enthusiasm is called religion, religion is eternal. In society after arrival of Five Dimension Theory, it is thought that religion never lose its position.
 Every existence will be proved to be appearance of consciousness by construction of “Five Dimension Theory”. In this step, human beings will evolve, improve themselves to further height. As theoretical backing for it will be completed, further improvement will be started. It will be the maximum purpose of human beings in the 21st century.


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