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Five Dimension Theory
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Fractal Economic Theory
Restructuring of Foreign  Exchange Theory
Introduction of Option  Concept to Money
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Five Dimension Theory
 Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3 Vol.4

Fractal Economic Theory
Restructuring of Foreign
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Introduction of Option  Concept to Money

Introduction of Minus Interest

The Day to Surpass Buddha

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People with immature spirit take pain

 If importance of spirit and consciousness is established as common practice by appearance of “Five Dimension Theory”, it will be thought that those who take pain are people, who can’t catch up with this change, with immature spirit.

 “Meat eating” can be taken as one such example. Today, meat is accepted as food by general public, but it will not be accepted as food in society after establishment of “Five Dimension Theory”.
 There are various kinds of meats, mammal will not be formed as food. It can be sensuously judged that meat includes much distorted atmosphere.
 Mammal will not originally exist to be eaten. Therefore, they will extremely hate to be killed to be eaten. This consciousness like bitterness or resentment is included in meat of mammal. Every existence is consciousness process. Consciousness of animal is attached to meat of animal. If this meat is eaten, distorted consciousness is accumulated in our body.

 Muscle training specialist and so on will avoid pork and beef, recommend chicken. Certainly, distorted component will not be included in chicken or fish. Therefore, meats are formed or not formed as food, depending on the variety of them.

 At the stage where consciousness of general people will be highly sophisticated, scientific theory after “Five Dimension Theory” will be developed, existence of these bad components will be proved. After the proof, meat will not be food, or food that is bad for body, existence like so-called tobacco.
 Then, people of normal consciousness will not eat it. It will be abnormal action to eat pork and beef. It was quite reasonable for man of religion not to eat meat since early times.
 As distorted consciousness accumulated in our body from meat will not be taken in, people’s mentalities will become calmer than now. Meat eating was enormously minus factor on the ground that it distorted consciousness of human beings.
 But those who love to eat meat will continue to eat it. If it is proved to be bad for the body, they can’t overcome desire to eat. But, as those who eat meat will fall into minority, they will gradually be alienated from people.
 The day “That person likes to eat meat” is backbitten will not be in the distant future.
 In addition, various theories about an influence our own consciousness has will be established, in society after “Five Dimension Theory”. Then, Common practice of our time, like “It is free to think of anything” will not be accepted. Because thinking of anything will influence our own body. It means that we always have to control our own thought, notion. Because it influences our own body.
 But control of thought is very difficult. Everyone can’t easily do it. As persons of character usually control thoughts, they will not feel so much difficulty. But other people will have difficulty in controlling thoughts.
 “I have a bad effect on myself without control of thoughts. But I can’t control.”
 They will fall into such a situation. It certainly takes time to control thoughts. Therefore, those who noticed the importance of control of thoughts in the 21st century must begin to make an effort to control their own thoughts. Otherwise, they themselves have a hard time after all.
 Here is one reason to publish this book. By telling aspects of coming era to many people, I want them to prepare for the era in advance. Control of thoughts is extremely important one factor for this purpose.


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