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Five Dimension Theory
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Five Dimension Theory
 Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3 Vol.4

Fractal Economic Theory
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Introduction of Option  Concept to Money

Introduction of Minus Interest

The Day to Surpass Buddha

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Necessity of Five Dimension

  The author has propounded Five Dimension Theory in previous book “The Day to Surpass Buddha”, but responses have not been sufficient. To understand it might be difficult, as description was not sufficient.
  This book focuses on Five Dimension and explains it easily. Reading this book, everybody will be able to understand Five Dimension. It is easily described to that extent.
  The point of Five Dimension Theory is fusion of consciousness and science.
  Previously, as objectivity has been thought to be important, consciousness has been neglected in scientific knowledge. Observation has been thought to be important, and what is seen, movements of matter have been searched. And this movement has been expressed by use of mathematics and it has been established as theory, and application to real life has been succeeded.
  The basis of physics was started from classical dynamics. As it started with nothing, things were simplified much practically.

 - Space consists of three dimensions that include length, width, and depth.
 - Movement of matter is observed objectively.

  Theory was constructed under the premise of these two points. Without these simplifications., it has been difficult to construct theory from complicated world.
  After that, status was changed by appearance of Einstein. He propounded such theories as “Space bends” “The cause of gravity is bend of space.” and so on in relativity theory. Time has been introduced as fourth dimension by appearance of this theory.

  General public can understand fourth dimension in real life feeling. There should be no people who deny time passes from past to future. Therefore, there might be no special resistance to introduction of time to physical dimension.
  Four dimensions “length, width, depth, time” can be looked upon as basic elements to construct our recognition.
  If we are asked, “What are the elements of four dimension?”, the percentage of those who can answer “length, width, depth, time” correctly may be considerably high.

  Then, is world really constructed of four dimension? Most people didn’t question that world was constructed of fourth dimension utill 20th century. In reverse, many people questioned, “Does Five dimension really exist?”
  But serious defect has hided in physical theory. Observer has not been included in the theory. As to observe matter objectively has been stressed, it has been neglected to include observing actor, observer = ourselves in the theory.

  Everyone may think unconsciously, “Recognition is done in the brain.” As functions of brain are not analyzed, if these functions will be analyzed, they think that how to recognize will be analyzed. Therefore, the recognition has not been considered at all until now.
  Looking at establishment process of physics, it couldn’t be helped in a way. For those who learned physics, basic consideration processes of physics are easy in a way. Because they learned it in school or by reading books.
  But those who constructed physics without textbook were in difficult situation. They needed to theorize movement of matter with a clean slate. Therefore, they can't even begin to imagine where to start. So, they can only look on the world as simple structure.
  They realized the simplification by dividing space into 3 directions and by looking on movement of matter, that was recognition object in the space, as target for physics. Without the simplification, it was difficult for complicated movement of matter to be expressed in calculation formula.
  Reason for the success of physics as learning was this simplification. As phenomenon was limited to “the movement of matter”, natural phenomenon could be expressed in calculation formula relatively easily.

  “Movement of matter of recognition target is generalized by physics, and recognition is performed in the brain.”

  This was general knowledge until the 20th century. Many people didn’t doubt this general knowledge. The reason why they didn’t doubt was not clear, it may be because general knowledge was fixed and free thinking was robbed.
  Then, is this way of thinking is right? Doubting it, conclusion can easily be drawn.

  To begin with, let’s try to think it on the premise of general knowledge in the 20th century.
  Suppose everything is composed of matter, particle, such as elementary particle. Then, human is composed of “matter” called body. Of all organs in human body, it is brain that recognizes everything. There are eye or nerve, but these are only path to send information to brain.
  As everything is recognized in brain, all of the recognitions are results of information processing in brain. Nobody in human history experienced condition before information processing.
  Therefore, all of our experiences are in brain. We recognize all existences of matter outside brain, but in fact we see these existences in our brain.

  Let’s apply it to our real recognition status. We recognize ourselves in space. We are composed of body. As all of these are the results of information processing in brain, these are in brain. As we recognize everything in brain, all of recognition results are included in brain.
  That means all of expanses called space are in brain. space called universe are also in brain.
  Space is in brain means that we must think brain as large as space. To call it brain is more correct than to call it universe.
  But our brain exists in head in the universe. It means two kinds of brain, brain in head and brain as large as universe, exist. As brain is matter, (Prior condition.), it is impossible for two brains to exist. It means contradiction occurs. Only one brain exists.

  Prior condition is, “Everything is composed of matter. “ Therefore, we have no other choice but to recognize everything in brain. But, as contradiction occurs, the prior condition must be revised. In short, world is not composed of “Matter”.
  At this point, it is concluded that traditional four-dimensional idea is wrong. It is impossible to explain structure of the world in four dimension.

  Then, how does this situation be broken through? It is introduction of “Five dimension theory”, topic of this book.


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